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Presenters' Guidelines for VL/HCC 2008

The official language of VL/HCC’08 is English.

When preparing your presentation, please bear in mind that your audience is multidisciplinary, particularly in the joint sessions with SoftVis (session 1 on Wednesday) and Diagrams (session 9 on Friday) - try to make your presentation as widely accessible as possible.

Paper presentations

The VL/HCC conference presentations will take place in the main lecture hall ("Großer Saal"). This room will be set up to hold up to 180 people.

Presenters should check that their laptops properly connect to the beamer prior to their session.

There will not be a computer in the presentation rooms as standard. Please make it known at the reception desk if you require a laptop to be provided. The organisers will have available a laptop running Windows XP with PowerPoint 2003 installed. If you wish to use this laptop then you should arrange to upload your talk in advance of the session and check your slides appear correctly.

Each paper session will be chaired. Speakers should introduce themselves to their session chairs in good time before their session. Full paper presentations are allocated 30 minutes - presenters should aim to speak for 25 minutes and take questions for 5 minutes. Short paper presentations are allocated 15 minutes - presenters should aim to speak for 10 minutes, with 5 minutes for questions.